Step 1. Comprehensive Brain-Body Essentials Package



The purpose of the Brain-Body Essentials Package is so you can understand WHY your brain isn’t working and WHAT you can do about it. Dr. Chiu will get to the root cause of what’s ailing you, connect the dots between all your different symptoms and lay out a clear roadmap for you to get started on your journey to great health. 


It includes:

1. Comprehensive Brain-Body Assessment

  • One 90-minute Comprehensive Brain-Body Assessment with Dr. Chiu

  • In-depth review of your history

  • Advanced Functional Neurology Exam

  • Comprehensive Functional Medicine Work-Up

  • State-of-the-Art Computerized Brain Health Testing

  • Brain and Body Health Questionnaires

  • Review of your most recent lab test results

2. Written Brain-Body Health Report & Treatment Plan

  • One 60-minute Brain-Body Health Report session with Dr. Chiu

  • Review of Your Health Goals

  • Key Points of Your History

  • Dr. Chiu’s Root Cause Analysis

  • In-Depth Explanation of the Root Cause for Your Symptoms

  • Personalized Brain-Body Treatment Plan

  • Goal Setting to Visualize Your Success

3. Advanced Functional Medicine & Nutritional Protocols

  • Personalized supplement prescriptions based on your lab results and body composition testing

  • Personalized dietary recommendations for brain, gut and immune health

  • Weekly Menu-Planner & Recipes – to simplify the dietary changes needed for healing

  • Comprehensive Food Plan Guides – deep dive into the details of your Food Plan

  • Food Plan Cheat Sheets – quick checklist of foods to eat and avoid

  • Personalized lifestyle tips to manage stress and support emotional wellbeing

4. At-Home Modern Brain Workouts

  • At-Home Modern Brain Exercises to support any in-office treatment recommendations

  • Sensory Exercises to retrain your neural networks

  • Personalized Brain-Based meditations to expand your mind

  • Brain-boosting essential oils to recharge your brain

5. Next Best Steps For You to Take

  • Recommendations for Advanced Lab Testing as needed

  • Brain-Boosting Supplement Protocols

  • Customized Food Plan Handouts

  • At-Home Modern Brain Workouts

  • In-Office Treatments as needed

  • Referral for Nutritional Health Coaching as needed


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Step 2. Advanced Diagnostic Testing



After your Comprehensive Brain-Body Assessment, Dr. Chiu will prioritize any advanced Neurological & Functional Medicine Testing needed to further hone in on the root cause. 


  • State-of-the-Art Computerized Brain Health Testing

  • Computerized Body Composition Testing

  • Functional Medicine Testing

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Nutrient Testing

  • Complete Thyroid Panel

  • Autoimmune Panels

  • Comprehensive Digestive Analysis

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

  • Fat and Body Composition Testing

  • Hormonal Imbalance Testing

  • Stress & Cortisol Testing

  • Vitamin D Testing

  • Essential Fatty Acid Testing

  • Toxins

  • And More

Step 3. Cutting-Edge Brain-Based Therapies



In addition to the robust treatment recommendations you’ll get from Step 1, Dr. Chiu may prescribe highly-personalized natural, non-invasive treatments to further accelerate your healing process.


  • Low level laser therapy to activate your mitochondria & energize your brain

  • Infrared sauna to enhance detoxification & brain circulation

  • Customized eye exercises to stabilize your vision, improve your focus and retrain your brain

  • Oxygen therapy to fuel your brain cells and energize your brain

  • Chromotherapy to boost your mood and your brain

  • Sound therapy to activate your neural networks

  • Gentle body adjustments to reconnect you to your body

  • Brain-Boosting essential oils to oxygenate your brain

  • Vibration therapy to improve your balance & circulation

  • Brain-balancing massage to restore your body and mind

Patient Success Stories

Watch what Mickey Trescott, Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of has to say about  her personal experiences working with Dr. Chiu.

Here’s what some of our other patients have to say about their experiences working with Dr. Chiu:

Brandy P.
Portland, OR
Healing from Meniere's and Autoimmune

“I can literally say I've climbed some of the highest mountains in the world because of Dr. Chiu. After only a month working with him, a host of my health problems were solved at lightning speed. I no longer feel the intense pain, headaches, fogginess, or anxiety that I was experiencing when I first went to see Dr. Chiu"

Phil M.
Hayward, California
Post-Concussion Syndrome

“Dr. Titus has been a lifesaver for me. In 2006, I had a serious traumatic brain injury. Upon getting started with Dr. Chiu, I was immediately comforted by his full engagement to eliminating my headaches. He listens, he educates, and most importantly, he puts you in the driver’s seat for your health. For once, I’m actually not losing 2 or 3 entire days per month to migraines. Dr. Titus has unquestionably made this possible for me”

Gary H.
Chicago, IL
Migraine Relief!!

"I had been suffering from migraine headaches for three years. After only a few weeks on Dr. Chiu's program, I lost weight, gained energy, was in great spirits, and -- best of all -- completely eliminated the remaining headaches! I credit Dr. Chiu for allowing me to take my life back and can't thank him enough"

Dr. Jessica L.
Healing from Hashimoto's

"My anxiety, heart palpitations, and face flushing are virtually non-existent. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be able to take back my life, my livelihood, my happiness, my personality, my confidence and my motivation. I thank Dr. Chiu for helping me figure out the root of the problems, and truly giving me my life back"

Talia & Idean
Clayton, CA
NeuroDevelopmental Milestones!

"This is the only place that I know my son is getting the care he needs that moves him forward. We feel truly blessed and I know that we are coming this far (and will continue to go so much farther) because of the care we get here from Dr. Chiu"

Dr. Mandy M.
Brain Balance, Weight Loss & Greater Energy

"I highly recommend Dr. Chiu. I feel like a new person with my brain in balance. The nutritional knowledge I have obtain for my body has helped me to lose weight and keep constant energy levels throughout the day"