BrainSAVE! Recovery Program 

The BrainSAVE! Recovery Program is a 5-Day immersive brain camp designed by Dr. Titus Chiu– Functional Neurologist, #1 Bestselling Author, and Post-Concussion Syndrome Survivor & Expert, who specializes in helping people struggling with neurological symptoms get well and stay well.


BrainSAVE! is for patients who are traveling from out-of-town and/or patients who want to see the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time.





  • Post-Concussion Syndrome

  • Chronic dizziness, headaches, and migraines

  • Vertigo and balance issues

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety

  • And other chronic neurological symptoms




  • Learn WHY your brain isn’t working and WHAT you can do about it

  • Get to the underlying ROOT CAUSE for your neurological symptoms

  • Jumpstart your healing with the latest brain-based therapies and treatment protocols

  • One-on-one time with Dr. Titus Chiu, #1 bestselling author and Functional Neurologist 

  • Receive personalized at-home Brain Training exercises, dietary guidelines, supplement recommendations, and lifestyle prescriptions to continue the healing process at home



Comprehensive Neurological Evaluation to Get to the Root Cause for Your Symptoms



  • Case Review – Dr. Chiu will review your case before you meet with him so he can best understand your situation

  • Your TOP 5 Actions – You’ll get 5 personalized actions to take BEFORE the start of your 5-Day Program so you can get the most out of your visit

  • Initial State-of-the-Art Neurological Evaluation with Dr. Chiuto get to the root cause for your concussion symptoms

  • Computerized Cellular Health Testing



Learn WHY Your Brain isn’t Working and WHAT You Can Do About It 


  • One BrainSAVE! Report of Findings Consultation with Dr. Chiu to understand the root cause of your symptoms and what you can do about it

  • An action-oriented BrainSAVE! Treatment Plan tailored to your neurological individuality

  • Recommendations for advanced testing as needed



Your Personalized 5-Day BrainSAVE! Protocol to Heal Your Brain


  • Daily Cutting-Edge, Non-Invasive Brain-Based Treatment Protocols

    • Combining the latest breakthroughs in neurology, nutrition and lifestyle medicine with time-honored ancient healing practices of Eastern medicine

    • Personalized Modern Brain Workout Circuit to rebuild your brain

    • Low level laser to activate your mitochondria and decrease neuroinflammation

    • Infrared sauna sessions to enhance detoxification and brain circulation

    • Personalized eye exercises to stabilize your vision and treat the root cause for your headaches, brain fog, poor focus & concentration, and balance issues

    • Concentrated oxygen therapy to fuel your brain cells and energize your brain

    • Sound therapy for headaches, balance issues, brain fog and dizziness

    • Inner ear training to improve your balance and coordination

    • And more



At-Home Personalized BrainSAVE! Care Plan to Continue the Healing Process


  • A Comprehensive BrainSAVE! Health Report describing the root cause for your brain symptoms as well as a detailed ROADMAP for Healing from Your Concussion

  • Personalized At-Home Brain Exercises to REBUILD your brain

    • Sensory Exercises for your brain

    • Personalized Meditations to Expand Your Mind

  • Delicious & Nourishing Food Plans for Brain Health

  • Personalized Brain-Boosting Supplement Protocols

  • Individualized Lifestyle

  • Additional Brain-Boosting Resources



Healing takes time– especially when it comes to your brain. So we’ve included some of the best and most valuable resources to further support you on your Journey to Total Health


  • One 30-minute online check-in and review session with Dr. Chiu to provide continued support and further fine-tune your care

  • Access to private Facebook group to connect with like-minded people for continued support

  • Food Plan Cheat Sheet– easy to understand list of foods to eat and avoid

  • Done-For-You Recipes to simplify the healing process and maintain your brain health

  • Weekly Menu-Planner & Recipes– to make it easier for you to make the needed dietary changes to promote brain healing

  • Personalized Lifestyle handouts to support total brain health

BrainSAVE! Success Stories

Kate's BrainSAVE! Success Story

After sustaining multiple head injuries Kate struggled with brain fog, fatigue and anxiety for many years. She tried everything and spent thousands of dollars with no results. She decided to fly in from Alaska for Dr. Chiu’s BrainSAVE! Recovery Program. In just 2 short weeks under Dr. Chiu’s care, she saw more improvement in her symptoms than she had in all the years since her concussion!

More Patient Success Stories

Brandy P.
Portland, OR
Healing from Brain Fog, Anxiety & Headaches

“I can literally say I've climbed some of the highest mountains in the world because of Dr. Chiu. After only a month working with him, a host of my health problems were solved at lightning speed. I no longer feel the intense pain, headaches, fogginess, or anxiety that I was experiencing when I first went to see Dr. Chiu"

Phil M.
Hayward, California
Post-Concussion Syndrome

“Dr. Titus has been a lifesaver for me. In 2006, I had a serious traumatic brain injury. Upon getting started with Dr. Chiu, I was immediately comforted by his full engagement to eliminating my headaches. He listens, he educates, and most importantly, he puts you in the driver’s seat for your health. For once, I’m actually not losing 2 or 3 entire days per month to migraines. Dr. Titus has unquestionably made this possible for me”

Gary H.
Chicago, IL
Migraine Relief!!

"I had been suffering from migraine headaches for three years. After only a few weeks on Dr. Chiu's program, I lost weight, gained energy, was in great spirits, and -- best of all -- completely eliminated the remaining headaches! I credit Dr. Chiu for allowing me to take my life back and can't thank him enough"

Mitzi L.
Marketing Researcher
Freedom from Vertigo!

“Since seeing Dr. Chiu, my vertigo has improved substantially, I no longer have headaches every day and I have more energy!”

Dr. Mandy M.
Brain Balance, Weight Loss & Greater Energy

"I highly recommend Dr. Chiu. I feel like a new person with my brain in balance. The nutritional knowledge I have obtain for my body has helped me to lose weight and keep constant energy levels throughout the day"

Default Avatar125
Minh T.
Chiropractic Student
Instant Improvement in Concentration

"After the first visit, I immediately noticed a difference not only in my ability to concentrate but my visual clarity was greatly improved. I can see improvements with every visit and I'm excited to continue this journey towards health and healing!"