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9 Steps to a Modern Brain – Step 1: Activate Your Brain   In my previous article I introduced you to the 9 Steps to a Modern Brain. By following these steps you will deepen your experience of the world around you and in you as well as boost your...

9 Steps to a Modern Brain   Deep within the bioenergetic blueprint of your brain lives a vast reservoir of infinite potential. When your mind is clear and focused it becomes a major source of joy, love, abundance, passion, presence and power. One of the biggest obstacles keeping us from this potential is the stress of living in a modern, industrialized...

Why You Need to Give a Poop About Your Poop: The Gut-Brain Connection   In this article, you will learn about the intimate relationship between your gut and your brain and how an unhealthy gut can lead to stress, anxiety and burnout.   KEYS TO A FULL LIFE Living a full life is totally dependent...

The 5 Root Causes of Concussion   In my last post, you learned the number one thing you can to do to stop further brain damage after a head injury. In this article, I will go over the 5 root causes of concussion. By understanding these causes you...

How to Avoid Further Brain Damage after a Concussion If you've ever suffered a head injury – no matter how mild – then read this article. In it you will learn the number one thing you can do NOW to avoid further brain damage after a concussion.   CONCUSSIONS ARE SERIOUS...

5 Best Lifestyle Tips for Detox   In this third and final article of my Detox123 series, I will teach you the 5 best lifestyle tips that work synergistically with the best foods and supplements for detox to keep your mind healthy, vibrant and strong.     In articles 1 and 2, you learned that...