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SUMMARY How to Supercharge Your Brain with the Ketogenic Diet What is the ketogenic diet? Learn which brain conditions respond best to the diet Best way to ease into the ketogenic diet Best supplements to support the ketogenic diet Dr. Chiu's KetoSHAKE Recipe   Don't forget to download...

SUMMARY #1 Bestselling Author and Functional Neurologist, Dr. Titus Chiu, reveals his TOP 5 Brain Hacks– the rituals and technologies that he uses to take his life and brain health to the next level Learn three easy, yet effective low-tech brain hacks Discover two cutting-edge,...

SUMMARY Dr. Chiu's top brain supplement to combat stress and boost your stress resiliency The difference between "stress" and the "stress response" Adaptogenic herbs help boost your resiliency against stress   To Your Total Health,   Dr. Titus Chiu p.s. know anyone who could benefit from this stress-busting solution? Share...

SUMMARY End Your Year on a Positive Note by Acknowledging the Darkness, and Accentuating the Light   ACTIONS Write down all of the struggles and challenges you experienced during 2018 For each thing on your list, ask yourself the following questions: "What can I learn from this...

Top 5 Foods that May Be Breaking Your Brain   One question I hear a lot from my patients concerns the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. Can you have one but not the other? Can you have both? And what exactly sets them apart? Today...

One Surprising Root Cause of Anxiety & What to Do About It   Did you know there are over 40 million people in the US alone who suffer from anxiety? If you’re one of them, you know that anxiety is a really big problem. People struggle with...