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SUMMARY   • Learn three simple moves to relieve eye strain and headaches from too much screen time • Discover the 7 KEY acupressure points to release eye tension and mental stress • Find out the best techniques to give your eyes a break   Click HERE to download your FREE Quickstart...

SUMMARY   • Discover 3 ways to use your mind to boost your immunity • Learn the three different types of stress • Find out how stress impacts your immune system and what you can do about it   FULL TRANSCRIPT   [The following is the full transcript of this video blog. Please...

SUMMARY We are being exposed to so many more toxins than ever before in the history of humanity. Our overall toxic load is an equation: the total amount of exposure minus our body’s natural ability to detoxify and get rid of those toxins. Each of...

SUMMARY Discover my 6 Best Supplements for Brain Health  Watch how NOT to take probiotics LOL Learn two additional powerful and yummy brain-boosting nutrients Check out my Modern Brain Apothecary to get access to the highest quality brain-boosting supplements available, that I personally take and recommend...

SUMMARY How to Supercharge Your Brain with the Ketogenic Diet What is the ketogenic diet? Learn which brain conditions respond best to the diet Best way to ease into the ketogenic diet Best supplements to support the ketogenic diet Dr. Chiu's KetoSHAKE Recipe   Don't forget to download...

SUMMARY #1 Bestselling Author and Functional Neurologist, Dr. Titus Chiu, reveals his TOP 5 Brain Hacks– the rituals and technologies that he uses to take his life and brain health to the next level Learn three easy, yet effective low-tech brain hacks Discover two cutting-edge,...