5 Best Supplements for Detox

5 Best Supplements for Detox

5 Best Supplements for Detox

In the first article of this 3-part DETOX 123 series we talked about the importance of lowering your overall TOXIC BURDEN through liver detoxification.


You also learned the 5 best foods to support that process.


In this second article I will share with you the 5 best supplements for detox. By taking these supplements – and by continuing to eat the 5 best foods – you will further enhance your ability to clean your body from the inside out for a healthier and happier you.




The modern world that we live in is very toxic and because of that our brains and bodies are paying for it – cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety – the list goes on and on. We’re being subjected to a plethora of toxins on a daily basis.


The good news is we have the power to lower the impact these toxins have on our health and wellbeing by taking control of our overall toxic burden.  



We can lessen our toxic burden by:

1) Limiting our exposure to toxins such as pesticides, highly-processed foods, alcohol, medications, etc.

2) Enhancing detoxification. 


When it comes to detox, the liver plays a huge role in neutralizing these harmful substances. That’s why we need to put much care into supporting your liver during this process with the right food and supplements. 


But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Once the liver has done its job of processing and packaging these toxins, they still need to be physically removed from your body – either by pooping them out, peeing them out, breathing them out or sweating them out. 



In addition to your liver, your gut also plays a very important role in normal detox processes. While your liver is busy doing its job, your gut must also be healthy, willing and able to handle the hefty amount of toxic waste products that your liver is mobilizing.


So if your digestive system is out of balance during this process these toxins will accumulate in your blood and tissues putting your brain and body under an even greater toxic load. And since these substances can’t get out via your poop they’ll look for another route – through your skin, lungs, and/or kidneys.


This can lead to a myriad of unpleasant detox symptoms:

  • Acne, rashes, hives, bumpy, itchy or sensitive skin

  • Strong-smelling sweat

  • Body odor

  • Bad breath

  • Headaches

  • Brain fog

  • Darkly colored yellow-orange pee


This is where I see a lot of people run into trouble when attempting a cleanse on their own without any kind of supervision. They might do a water fast or a juice cleanse or take some supplements they bought at the grocery store and despite all their effort not feel any improvement in their health.


Or even worse, they end up feeling more toxic or sick then they did before the cleanse. Most of the time this was due to the fact that their other organs of detoxification – the gut, kidneys, lungs and skin – weren’t healthy and balanced and so they weren’t able to rid themselves of the huge load of toxins mobilized by the liver.


Don’t get me wrong – I think that water fasts, juice cleanses, supplements etc. can be tremendously beneficial – as long as you do it right. And that’s why the health of your kidneys, lungs, skin and especially your gut is extremely important to take into consideration when attempting to detoxify your body from harmful substances. 



  • Do you suffer from diarrhea or constipation?

  • Do you have bloating during or after your meals?

  • Do you have foul-smelling gas?

  • Have you ever taken antibiotics?

  • Do you have difficult bowel movements?

  • Do you have foul-smelling poop?


If you find that you are suffering from any of the above detox symptoms PLUS score high on the digestive quiz then it’s very likely that not only is your gut unhappy but that you also have a high toxic burden.


The solution?


Enhance digestion PLUS detoxification! But in order to enhance TOXINS OUT not only do you have to support your liver you also need to ensure that your gut is happy or else you can actually end up feeling worse.


Healthy Liver + Happy Gut  ➠ TOXINS OUT ➠ DECREASE TOXIC BURDEN ➠ Live Full Life


Now that you understand the importance of gut health in the whole detoxification process, I’m going to share with you the 5 best supplements you can take to enhance your ability to remove harmful toxins from your body. These supplements work by improving both liver function and gut health. 




Supplement 1: Milk thistle

Silymarin, an antioxidant found in milk thistle, has been shown to decrease cellular inflammation, protect the brain and liver from toxins, and even decrease the risk for several types of cancer. If you’re on medications consult with your physician before supplementing.


Supplement 2: B-Complex

B vitamins play a major role in running phase I of liver detoxification, especially vitamins B2, B3, B6, folate and B12. I recommend a high-quality blend that contains the activated form of folate. 


Supplement 3: Glutathione

Glutathione is one of the endogenous antioxidants of the body with extremely powerful anti-inflammatory, detoxification and neuroprotective abilities. I use a liposomal form of glutathione instead of a powder or capsule to enhance absorption and bioavailability so it can enter the bloodstream fully intact to really work its magic!


Supplement 4: L-Glutamine

L-glutamine is an amino acid that heals leaky gut as well as enhances liver detoxification – a one-two punch for detox! Take it in a powdered form for easier absorption. 


Supplement 5: Probiotics

Probiotics – a general term for the countless types of good bacteria naturally found in your body – boosts your immune system, decreases inflammation, and is one of the 5 supplements that EVERYONE needs


Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species can lower the levels of toxins found in your gut which decreases your overall toxic load. I recommend probiotics that are dairy-free.


Voila! The 5 Best Supplements for Detox. By taking these supplements – and by continuing to eat the 5 best foods – your overall ability to remove harmful substances from your body and avoid toxic overload will greatly be enhanced leading to more energy, better focus, clearer skin and easier digestion. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


In the third and final article of this DETOX123 series I will teach you some simple lifestyle strategies that work synergistically with the 5 best foods and supplements to further support your body’s beautiful innate detoxification systems.


To Your Total Health,


 Dr. Titus Chiu


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